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Google Rating - 4.3

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★★★★★17.10.2020 - Hanspeter Kreis
Alles tip top, Personal sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit.

★★★★★16.09.2020 - Margarida Guedes
Alles Bestens und sehr sehr schön!

★★★★★21.08.2020 - Jimmy Lageder
Herrliche Tage oder Eintauchen in eine vergangene Welt. Das erste Mal und sicher nicht das letzte Mal. SUPER war's. DANKE

Google Rating auf Englisch - 4.3

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★★★★11.09.2020 - Brian Phelan
I didn't go into the hotel so I can't judge the hotels inside but the outside is wonderful. The view is amazing and I felt transported back to Agatha Christie. The next time I come back to Davos on a visit I will view the hotel properly I'm sure it will get 5stars.

★★★★★27.08.2020 - Massimo Cagliero
A place to be

★★★★★21.02.2020 - Arts Woods
Very nice hotel for vacation (ski at winter or mountain bike, foot trail at summer). Old style hotel with charming Swiss 100 Years old feelings. Restaurant's food and drinks exclusive tasty, healthy. Service friendly. Bath area textile free - very nice. Location right on the ski slope, above Davos town. Perfect view at sunny morning, day and evening.

★★★★★25.01.2020 - Moya Della Torre
A breathtaking beauty like no other. Bobsleighing for three km of heavenly beauty but also so much fun for the family. A definite MUST see.

★★★★07.08.2019 - Benjamin Wey
Beautiful historic art deco hotel. The rooms have been renovated in the original style. Absolutely gorgeous. It used to be a sanatorium and interestingly, the rear elevator is called "elevator of the dead" as it led to the operating theatre. The views are breathtaking. A little deduction for the prices and the slightly stuffy ambiance