Villa Guarda

After 101 years the Villa Guarda was restored in 2008. As the botanical garden Alpi,num (which is directly adjacent to the property} also Villa Guarda was built in 1907. This was once the residence of the senior physicians of luxury sanatorium Schatzalp. Thomas Mann mentioned the Villa Guarda in the literary classic “The Magic Mountain “.

The salon
A large lounge divided into two parts. With a sitting area by the fireplace, where the romantics among our guests can listen to the crackle of the fire. In the wood-paneled A rvenstubli with large windows you will not get enough of the view of the surrounding mountains. The dining room is intwated into the sa.lon, with a solid wood table for up to twelve people, which every occasion provides an appropriate setting. Space for cocktail receptions till 90 person.

The office-fumoir
A bright spot, with solid wood table for up to ten people. The ideal location for important meetings that require unconventional solutions or creative ideas. Thoughts are free – the horizon is wide. Of course, with modem technical equipment.

The rooms
You have incredible 23 5 qm of living space.

The Suite
The charm of the Doctor’s mansion was obtained, the means and the infrastructure appear in modern design. Two bedrooms, one with a huge window front, two bathrooms and a large living room and on each floor is a guest toilet. All rooms have flat screens and free WiFi.

The Location

Included for Residents