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★★★★18.03.2018 - Ivan Torretti
Die atmosphäre ist angehnem, die Küche ist top, alles ist noch im Originalzustand erhalten. Zum teil hötte ich noch ein paar teppiche erneuern lassen, obwohl wie bereits gesagt alles noch im originalzustand liegt.

★★★★★17.03.2018 - André Liaudet
Zauberberg lässt grüssen. Wunderschöner Ort mit toller Aussicht. Hotel ist zum grössten Teil "original" belassen, was eine eindrückliches architektonisches Erlebnis ist (sein kann). Sehr freundliche und kompetente Bedienung und sehr gutes Essen. Fumoir mit tollem Ambiente. Gediegen aber nicht steife Atmosphäre.

★★★★08.03.2018 - Tris Andres
Im Speisesaal des Hotel Schatzalps, fühlt man sich in der Zeit etwas zurückversetzt. Das Essen ist gut, allerdings auch zu einem stolzen Preis. Das Personal ist freundlich und Aufmerksam. Erreichen kann man das Hotel/Restaurant über eine Bahn für 8 CHF. Beim lösen des Tickets unbedingt anmerken, dass ihr ins Restaurant geht, ansonsten kostet die Hin- und Rückfahrt das doppelte.

★★★★★28.02.2018 - yvonne forster
Wunderschöner Kraftort zum Verweilen und genüsslich Kuchen geniessen.. Toll die Schneebar

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★★★★★21.02.2018 - Boris Kapusta
Pleasure place for relax, great dinners and weets. Very good service.

★★★★★04.02.2018 - sunshine benbelkacem
A must visit while in Davos. Have a tea or coffee on terrace, overlooking the valley. Enjoy lunch inside as well, there is a beautiful dining hall with stained glass, vaulted ceilings, and a coterie of cats who patrol the area for creatures we don't care for. The cats are also very friendly and welcoming. Desiree the cat sat with us for a nap while we enjoyed coffee. The restaurant is a great experience, the house blend fondue is delicious and I highly recommend finishing it off with a kirsch, just to be as cliche as you can. If you are brave, you can take a sled back down, a magical experience with the right people and the right amount of kirsch. Highly recommend experience for a first time visitor!

★★★★★22.12.2017 - Marcel de la Croix
This place is heaven. In the first chapter of The Magic Mountain, Hans Castorp ascends the mountain and feels his concerns and the normal world are being left behind in the village below — and that is exactly the feeling of taking the funicular car up to Schatzalp. The hotel itself reminded me of The Grand Budapest Hotel, and the rooms were somewhat unconventional but very comfortable. My bed was not terribly big, but my bedroom and bathroom were both very spacious. Outside my window was a snowfield with cypress trees, and the view of the mountains from the lobby was stunning. At the lobby, or at the bar, you may meet the cats of the hotel, and they are adorable!! There is also a movie screening room called X-Ray Bar, where you can watch the films shot at the hotel (or other stuff, if you prefer). This morning I took the cable car up to a higher spot on the mountain. The whole place was covered in snow. Listening to Wagner and watching snow enveloping the mountains, which looked so grand and so still, I felt I had a religious experience.

★★★★21.09.2017 - Mohit Jolly
The hotel is in a beautiful location with excellent views of the Alps and access to hiking trails. The food was good but not excellent, service left a bit to be desired for.


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