November 1939

  Christmas greetings and Happy New Year from the United States! Let us hope that 2021 will be a much happier year worldwide and life can get back to normal. In 1939, of course, the world’s nightmare was only just … Read More

September 1939 – the Letter

Welcome to the latest installment of the Schatzalp history blog! I have managed to fall pretty far behind schedule, since the last entry dates from August, and this new one comes from September, but I guess it’s not really so … Read More

25th August to 17th November 1939

Welcome to the last summer installment of the Schatzalp history blog! So far we have relied on the Davoser Blätter and its co-publications, the Davos Courier and the Courrier de Davos as our primary sources of information, … Read More

11th to 25th August 1939

Here we are in August with summer drawing to a close. I am writing this in my backyard, enjoying the cool of the evening after a very hot day. In my hometown, Portland, Oregon, USA, masks are still required everywhere and schools will remain closed for the foreseeable future. … Read More

August 1939

Welcome to the 3rd installment of the Schatzalp blog written by Dr William Lee The two weeks between 28 July and 11 August 1939 seem to have been quite eventful in Davos, so we have some interesting material to work … Read More

July 1939

Welcome to the second installment of the Schatzalp History Blog! If you are a newcomer, you can refer to the first installment for the full introduction to the blog. Here I will just note that the Davos news items and … Read More

June 1939 (Introduction)

Welcome to the first edition of the Schatzalp history blog! This is a completely new venture for me, and an unexpected one. I have a doctorate in Russian history, and first came to Schatzalp in 1994, while researching the life … Read More

Imperial Russia in the Alps

Luxury Sanatorium Schatzalp Schatzalp was founded in 1900 as a luxury sanatorium, situated on a sunny mountainside 300 meters above Davos. It offered the most advanced medical treatment available at that time, in a building specially designed to provide patients … Read More

100 Jahre

Der Zauberberg

von Thomas Mann

Informationen und Veranstaltungshinweise zum 100 jährigen Jubiläum des Literaturklassikers «Der Zauberberg» von Thomas Mann.